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How to protect jewelry

Jewelry needs your care and protection to maintain its luster for a longer time. It is recommended to take it off when taking a bath to avoid c...

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RAWNESS story started with making unique handmade jewelry designs dedicated to health and fitness lovers. All our collections are made with quality Sterling Silver, 24k Gold, Rose gold or Rhodium plated as well as high quality natural stone and leather. Fitness jewelry we produce in a range of designs including weight plates, dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells. Each piece is an expression of strength, determination and physicality. Due to the high creative energy we have, our natural growth took us in a journey of following latest fashion trends and handcrafting new elegant collections such as Minimalist & Geometric, Personalized or Nature inspired jewelry. We are constantly creating new designs, so make sure to check out our shop regularly. All of our jewelry pieces can be shipped worldwide within 1-2 working days.